November 13, 2018
Sedona, AZ
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Donít Blow Your Diet

Itís not impossible to incorporate exercise and nutrition into your travels, and doing so increases your energy level and letís you shake off stress. But it does take some planning and self-discipline to take your healthy habits with you on the road. Follow these tips to make the transition easier.

Work out at your hotel. Phone your hotel. Ask about workout facilities on site or nearby. Ask about parks, running tracks, hiking trails, tennis courts, or whatever interests you. Knowing your options will help you decide on the clothing, shoes, and equipment you will need to pack.

Prepare your meal ahead of time. Donít settle for high-fat, salty, and overcooked airline meals. Call your airline and ask about special meals. All major airlines offer dietary alternatives, so long as these meals are ordered in advance. You usually can chose from low-fat or vegetarian alternatives.

Speed walk in the terminal during layovers. Instead of reading the newspaper again or having a drink during a layover, de-stress and get your exercise by walking the airport. Put on your athletic shoes; store your carry-on in a locker, and go!

Raise your heart rate. Itís hard enough to stick to an exercise program when you have a routine at home. Here are some tips for getting a workout in an unfamiliar place: sightsee on foot at a brisk pace; rent skates or a bicycle; take stairs instead of elevators; Speed walk the hotel halls; find a local hot spot to dance in the evening; pay a single-day fee at a nearby gym.

Watch what you eat. While on vacation, we tend to eat more often and usually more fatty foods. When eating breakfast, instead of eggs, bacon and hash browns try a bowl of cereal and fruit. There are many ways to eat healthy while away from home, stop and think before you order.