October 23, 2018
Sedona, AZ
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Digital Photo Tips

Digital Photo Tips-Keep File Size Small

When you capture images, it is best to work with the highest resolution and least compression possible because the resulting images give you the most "information" to work with as you enhance them. This initial image file is most often over one megabyte in size.

Once the image has been enhanced, you will want to save it in its highest version - as a reference master.! Since design standards for this new media format are still evolving (as is the technology), it is too soon to set hard and fast rules. The following guidelines will be helpful as you set up your own files.

Save photographic images in JPEG format. JPEG (pronounced "jay-peg") is an acronym that refers to the name of the committee who wrote the standard for this particular image compression format.
When you save in JPEG format, compare the images and you may find that a medium resolution option will look as good on screen as a higher one. (The lower the resolution, the smaller the file.)
Always save a master image without compression so you have a high quality image to use as a starting point.

Experiment with the amount of JPEG compression. More compression will reduce display quality. Less compression will retain display quality. Find the maximum amount of compression that still delivers good results.

If your imaging software does not give you options for saving JPEG files at various resolution options, your files may be quite large. In that case, the only way you can reduce file size is by cropping the image. If your web site relies extensively on digital images, you may want to consider obtaining other imaging software that provide more options

Maximum quality (less compression): 18k Medium quality (more compression): 7k