September 23, 2018
Sedona, AZ
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Grilling Tips

The secret to successful grilling is to use high heat, and pair it up with tender vegetables, fish, chicken or sirloin. It is perfect for dinner parties, and it always impresses. Itís pretty easy and the possibilities are endless, from Chinese grilled duck and Thai-style shrimp to Mediterranean pizza and the all-American burger.

Useful Tips:

- For less tender cuts of meat, use a grill with a cover

- Once the coals get hot, spread them out to create different cooking temperatures. For food that is cooking too quickly, you will be able to put it over a less-hot spot.

- Foods that cook in less than 15 minutes can be kept directly over the charcoal

- Thick cuts of meat like tenderloin and bone-in chicken cooks really well when not placed directly over the hot coals.

- When cooking fish, remove it immediately once it is just done, because it continues to cook as it is removed from the heat source.

- Donít be skimpy on the charcoal. The area of the fire needs to be wider than the area of the food you are cooking.

- Make sure you plan out your time wisely, from the time you put the coals down to when the food needs to be on the table. Everything works out much nicer when you are not in a hurry.

- Before you start grilling, clean it, and oil the rack to prevent sticking. Caring for a grill is a lot like caring for a cast-iron skillet.

- Consider precooking foods like chicken, ribs, and roasts. This will allow you to finish cooking quicker. Allow at least 20-30 minutes on the grill for great charcoal flavor.

Helpful Tools:

- The Best Charcoal: Whole Foods Hardwood Charcoal
- Tongs: long braided tongs that are spring-loaded allow you to do many tasks safely
- Wire or bristle brush: cleaning the metal rack is made simple by using a wire brush, or a bristle brush for nonstick coated racks
- Basting Brush: needed for brushing on the sauce
- Flashlight: a lifesaver for the late night cook trying to decide whether or not the food is done!
- Mitt: a fireproof mitt allows you to do many things safely
- Starter Cone: starts charcoal dependably and efficiently without using lighter fluid, just newspaper and matches.