November 15, 2018
Sedona, AZ
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Nepenthe HOA  
Welcome to the Homeowners’ Association section!

What does NEPENTHE mean?
NEPENTHE: Described by Homer in the Odyssey as an egyptian herbal drink so powerful that it eases grief and banishes sorrow from the mind.

As of January 2006 an interested and involved Homeowner is now contributing information regarding BOD Meeting Minutes, newsletters etc. to be published on this site. This NHOA member feels that this site is valuable to all homeowners, and that all homeowners are free to choose any real estate company for their personal purchases and sales.
At this time there have been no other requests by local realtors to establish and maintain a Nepenthe website. Should this occur in the future, any realtor may obtain the same information provided on this site from a NHOA member who is willing to cooperate.
The inclusion of Nepenthe Home Owner Association information does not constitute an endorsement or preference of an individual realtor by the Board of Directors.

Meet Roxie, she is the office mascot, and if you stop by the office she is always available to chase balls or eat treats.
Board of Directors for 2013:
Nancy Bennett - President - 928-282-8965
Jeanne Duchene - Vice President 928-204-9913
Richard Shreve- Treasurer - 928- 284-9640
Sandra Leiby - Secretary -619-316-2398
Lynn Beattie - Director - 215-801-0344

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